Why Young People Are Going to Cleveland, OH


Everybody comes to a time in their lives when they need to find a better job, a house to live in, and there are a lot of things to consider. Not only which kind of job and house, but also – where? You need a safe place, but not too safe you don’t want to die out of boredom. It has to be close to a place where you can find a good job, maybe vivid scene of life, or a good schooling system? Well, here are some reasons why Cleveland could be a good match for you.

Job market is really good

The economy here is, with the job market, on the rise here. A lot of IT and biotech fields are started to bloom here, not to mention manufacturing. Increase in the average salary is also noticed for the workers with college degrees. All that means that because the living costs in Cleveland are low, salary here is comfortable.

Your money is more valuable here

dollarWhen we compare the same salary in different cities and look at how much a person can buy in these cities, Cleveland rises to the top of the list. The median housing here is less than in New Your City by almost 250 percent, and it is less than in Chicago by 66 percent. Transportation, utilities, groceries are also on the list of the things that are costing you less. So, maybe you will earn the same, but your money is far more valuable here. And that means when you find yourself a house here, you can also furniture it for the less money than somewhere else.

Healthy, active, and with someone

All the museums, bars, cinemas, clubs, and other various places which are so vibrant and alive with people who also live there. Imagine all that beautiful cultural diversity in one place. And of course, for those who like to stay active, there are amazing bike lanes, rock climbing places, Lake Erie with beautiful beaches, a lot of beautiful little festivals, races and marathons – this city is alive.